Late Night Yoga – July Special at Absalon

Join us when we once again transform our big room in Absalon to one big yoga studio as the Sun sets outside. Our own yogi Lisbeth Moseholm will lead you through a smooth Stråla yoga flow to the sound waves of different Live musicians, DJ and iconic music.
Strala yoga is inspired by Tai Chi and Qigong and by moving with ease guided by your breath it will take you into a state of flow and you will feel good…

You can choose what Tuesday suits you, you can also join several Tuesdays, or all of them, it’s up to you.

We are very excited to share these magic nights with YOU!
With Love,
Absalon, Lisbeth, musicians and DJ


Please, bring your own mat.

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July 5th – Lisbeth Moseholm x Isak Schiødt (live saxofon)

The first Late Night Yoga of the year will be accompanied by saxofonist og klarinettist Isak Schiødt. Isaks music is based on the ambient og minimalistic repetitive, where the motives of the music develops slowly. The music will be improvised in a symbiosis with the pulse of the yoga, but will also contain melodies from composers such as J.S.Bach, John Coltrane og Jakob Bro. Isak and Lisbeth will take you on a journey where you will tune in on your breath – body – connection as you feel the pulse of the music, and have a good time on the yoga mat.

July 12th – Lisbeth Moseholm x D.J Byjar

This evening we will have D.J Byjar as special guest on the scene. Newly arrived from LA, USA, she is ready to take you on a musical journey into her world. Byjar is a music producer and visual artist who makes cinematic yet progressive deep-house sounds that seem to draw from Sevdaliza and Grunge-era Nirvana. Byjayr’s sound isn’t only there for you to listen but rather it’s there to transport you into her world. Come as you are… roll out your mat and together we will enjoy an unforgettable night where your breath and body, the moves to the music and the summer ambient will all come together as one big pulse.

July 19th – Lisbeth Moseholm x Kraftwerk tema

In the third Late Night Yoga session we will transport you back in time with a track of iconic music. This evening is all about letting go of expectations and just be with what is… no judgment, no performance. With deep breaths and fluent yoga moves we will explore our way through the night. Quieting the mind and listening to the body. We will end the yoga session with a long relaxation, Savasana and leave with a feeling of inner peace. Take a glimpse of Kraftwerk’s music:

July 26th – Lisbeth Moseholm x Sami Le (live Harp)

Heart Opening moves is the theme of the last Late Night Yoga this summer. Breathe deep, soften, move from the middle… From here we will float through gentle yoga moves to help you open your heart and let the energy flow… We will end the night with relaxation, Savasana, to let everything settle in and leave with a feeling of bliss and positive vibrations. To make this experience complete we have the talented Sami Lee to play his harp as we flow into the night.