Discover your yoga path!

Learn to live with more peace and harmony in your life

Every month I give away 10 giftcards of 3 days of free yoga…

We all know that yoga is one of the best ways to find inner peace and balance, but...

The problem is that most people don’t have time for it, because they are too busy with work or family life. Even if you want to start practicing yoga, your mind will tell you that this activity can be boring and not so effective as promised.

Our 3 sessions of free yoga will help you to slow down and breathe deep. Help you to feel, connect and respond. Release tension and let go of stressful thoughts and anxiety.

You will feel relaxed, but energized and rejuvenated. You will feel free and at ease.

Who is The Gift Card for… 

  • This gift is for you, who want to start up a regular yoga practice, but have not quite gotten there yet.
  • It is for you, who are curious and want to learn more about how yoga can enrichen your life.
  • It is for you, who are open to begin your yoga journey… open and ready to commit to a regular yoga practice.
  • It is for you, who would like to be a part of an amazing yoga community.

Discover how your life will transform when you are part of our community!

Learn to sit with the uncomfortable and stay grounded even when life is challenging you

Make healthier choices. Learn how to easy access your inner peace and feel good.

Be a part of a community and grow together

You will make new friends and discover how to focus on what matters the most to you, in your life.

You will water the seeds you wish to grow.

Learn how to get a good night rest, feel peaceful and at ease

Get a good nights rest each night which allows for better digestion of food, an increase in energy levels and overall better quality of life

What is Your Gift Card....

Three sessions of free yoga at Ofelia Beach Copenhagen.
After the 3 sessions, which I expect you to do within a maximum of three weeks, ideal within one week,        I will give you a One to One Session.
All this for FREE…!!

In the One to One Session we will discuss your experience throughout the 3 group yoga sessions. Together we will discover your main focus point at the given moment of your yoga practice mentally and physically, and create a small routine, that supports your personal yoga journey in the best way possible.

If all above resonates with you or maybe a dear friend of yours, please apply for 

Moseholm Yoga Gift Card by using the link below…

If you from your application are chosen as a candidate for this amazing gift, I will give you a call!

Why am I doing this…

Yoga has changed and enriched my own life in so many aspects. It has given me the most beautiful worldwide yoga community, and everyday I am grateful that I got myself into a regular yoga practice! 

And my path to get hooked started with a giftcard for a free yoga class… 

If you want to learn more about my yoga story please watch the intro video on my website and read the section “About – Lisbeth” … maybe it resonates with you and gives some inspiration… 

Looking forward to hear from you and begin this exciting journey together!

What People Who Work With Me in Yoga Programs Say

I absolutely adore Lisbeth’s classes. From the moment I arrive, I am enveloped in motherly, caring and safe love and feel my body releasing all unnecessary feelings and grounding me into the present moment on my mat.

The beautiful and gentle, yet challenging flows, always, without fail, leave me feeling uplifted, positive, well. There is something about those continuous qigong and tai chi movements that align my energies, my emotions and my body. 

Not to mention Lisbeth’s soothing and comforting voice, saying just the right words at just the right time in the sequences to bring me even closer to the present moment.

I especially love the outdoor classes, which are always situated in beautiful healing locations by the water or in green natural space. I highly recommend this soul soothing yoga and it’s talented instructor, for upliftment, wellbeing and balance.  And for the opportunity to feel so so relaxed and at peace in oneself:)

Alexandrine Hobson