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Breathe deep
And move from the middle..
A few of the principles of Stråla Yoga
(strength, awareness and balancing)
Inspired by tai chi and chi gong Stråla Yoga is focusing on the process of moving more than the final yoga postures.
Focusing on the inner alignment.
All movement starts with your breath. The inhales that opens and creates space, the exhales that help you relax and move with ease through the space you create.
You will tap into a flow state, relax your mind, connect with your intuition and move your body the way that feels best and most natural for you.
In this workshop we will go deeper into the principles of
Stråla Yoga.
How to move with your breath, bring more ease into your yoga practice, and simply feel good!
We will of course start with the breath.
Then play around with some of the principles of how to move in Stråla Yoga.
Integrate it all into a full yoga flow and end with a long relaxing Savasana.
In between there will be space for questions and dialog and time for breakes and snacks 🙂
Saturday the 29th of August 9.00am-12.00pm.
Ofelia Plads
We meet at the end of the pier by the water (opposite end than The Royal Playhouse), .
What to bring
– Your own yoga mat.
If you do not have one, let me know and I will bring one for you.
– Water + snacks.
– Maybe an extra sweater or a blanket for Savasana, depending on the weather.
350 kr.
Limited spots available.
Send me a message to reserve your spot and make the payment with MobilePay 31358575.
If you do not have MobilePay you can buy your ticket through my website shop
Stråla Yoga workshop of August 2020.
The workshop will be in English.
Everyone can join, new to yoga or experienced.
It does not matter if you have never heard about Stråla Yoga before.. you can use these principles in all kinds of movement, as well as in your everyday life beyond your physical yoga practice.
Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me 🙂
Looking so much forward to spend this Saturday morning with you!!!