• 30 Minutes Morning Flow


      Video – 30 min morning flow  – Focus your mind and energize your body This 30 min. morning practice is the best way to begin your day. You will connect with your breath, calm and focus your mind. I will guide you through all the moves and give you different options of how to move. It does not mean you have to…

    • 30 Minutes – Runners and Other Athletes


      30 Mins Flow for Runners and other athletes Connect to your breath – improve performance – faster recovery This video is special good for runners or any athletes who would like to improve performance and recover faster. By creating a better body-breath connection you will release tension and open up, to let the energy flow free in your whole body.…

    • 30 Minutes Gentle Evening Flow


      30 Mins Gentle Evening Flow This 30 min. gentle flow is a perfect way to wind down. No matter how your day was, I will garantee that moving with ease through this practice will take you back to the enjoy the present moment. You will connect with your breath, calm and ease your body and mind. You can do it…

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