30 Minutes – Runners and Other Athletes


30 Mins Flow for Runners and other athletes

Connect to your breath – improve performance – faster recovery

This video is special good for runners or any athletes who would like to improve performance and recover faster. By creating a better body-breath connection you will release tension and open up, to let the energy flow free in your whole body.

Your body will start working together as a whole rather than isolated parts.

You will become faster, better and stronger at what you do while using less energy and enjoy it more.

You can do this practice both before or after you go for a run, play football or whatever you do..

Do the whole 30 min. flow as one practice or you can break it into parts.

Try to do it three times a week (or more) and you will quickly see and feel an incredible improvement.




This 30 min. morning practice is the best way to begin your day. You will connect with your breath, calm and focus your mind. I will guide you through all the moves and give you different options of how to move. It does not mean you have to go through all the moves, it is just options. You move the way it feels best in your body.