Yoga with baby class Lisbeth Moseholm

Yoga with Baby – Osramhuset

We focus on bringing awareness to the body, rebuilding strength, increasing flexibility, and relieving tension – involving the baby as much as possible. We love babies (even when they make sounds), and our goal is to create a comfortable yoga space where you can be at the center, but where your baby also becomes a natural part of your yoga practice.

Yoga with Baby offers a unique yoga experience in a group setting tailored to you and your baby. At each session, we start with a brief introduction round where everyone has the opportunity to share any challenges, such as lower back pain, neck tension, or breathing patterns.

Before or after the session, there is always time and space for a little chat, and you will receive some tips to take home that you can integrate into your daily movements with your baby. All parents with a baby between 8 weeks and the time when the baby starts walking are warmly welcome.

Osramhuset is hosting 2 x 45-minute group sessions of Yoga with Baby on Tuesday, March 12th and Thursday, April 4th.
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