A photo of Strala Yoga class

What is Stråla Yoga


Stråla stands for strenght, awareness and balancing, and means ‘to radient light’ in Swedish. In Stråla Yoga we focus more on the process than the final postures.

Stråla Yoga comes from New York and is envented by Tara Stiles and her husband Michael Taylor.

Inspired by tai chi and chi gong Strala yoga is focusing on the process more than the final yoga postures. It leaves space for individual and intuitive movement, and you will experience the most natural and amazing flow of energy in your body.

You move with ease, with your breath in a constant flow.

You might know the postures from other types of yoga, but Stråla leaves more space to move intuitively, and move the way it feels most natural to you.

You move like water fueled by your breath. The result is a flowstate. You tap  into your creativity and intuition. You feel elevated, energized. You find your own best body, best fitness, and best health. You get happy. You radiate light.

It leaves you with a sense of  only wanting to treat your body, your whole self and others good.