Welcome to Moseholm Yoga!

Just come as you are. Breathe deep, feel and respond to what you feel.

Move with your breath and tap into a flowstate. Your breath will flow and you will open up your body and mind. You will access your strength and your full potential. You will feel free, happy and enjoy even more being you!

Indoor classes

Stråla relaxed evening yoga flow in the beautiful Studio by the lakes of Copenhagen.

Every Monday at 8.00pm (60 min.)

Adress: Fys:Jo, Prinsess Maries Alle 17 1.tv.
1908 Frederiksberg C.

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Outdoor Yoga

From April to October, join us for yoga under blue skies at the beautiful Ofelia Plads in the heart of Copenhagen. You can refresh with a cool dip in the harbour after your class.

Mondays and Wednesday at 7:30 am (60 min.)

Thursdays and Fridays at 07.00 am (60 min.)

Sundays at 10.00 am (60 min.)

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Online Yoga

Enjoy my online yoga sessions anytime, anywhere…

Take them on vacation, on your business trip or just to your living room.

On my Youtube channel you can find online yoga sessions for every level, with enough variety to ensure you stay inspired.

If you want to practice with the touch of a live expierence – join my regular live streaming classes on Instagram at @MoseholmYoga. Follow to stay tuned on upcoming classes in Copenhagen as well as events and retreats worldwide!

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30 min morning flow  – Focus your mind and energize your body

This 30 min. morning practice is the best way to begin your day. You will connect with your breath, calm, and focus your mind…

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