One to one yoga sessions

Lisbeth Moseholm giving one-to-ona yoga class

I offer One to One yoga sessions based on you individual needs and request.


Who can benefit from this offer?
Short answer, everyone.


If you are new in yoga and looking for individual guidance to start up a regular yoga practice specifically based on your present state and request.


If you are a runner or any kind of athlete interested in faster and better recovery and improved performance.


If you are struggling with body aches and pains, old injuries or high stress level etc. and looking for ways to change that into a healthy and sustainable way of living and taking care of your body.


Maybe you would simply like to take your yoga practice to another level or just prefer individual guidance…


Whatever you are looking for in your yoga practice together we will create a path that meets your needs and request.

Send me an email with your thoughts and requests at or give me a call on +45 31 35 85 75 and we will create something great together.


The sessions can be in Danish or English.


*The yoga session can also be online if you prefer.


1 ticket One to One session 60 min: 1.000 DKK at your chosen location

Clipcard of 3 One to One sessions 60 min. 2.700DKK at your chosen location

Clipcard of 10 One to One sessions 60 min. 8000 DKK at your chosen location

Multi-entry tickets must be used within 12 months.