Welcome to
Moseholm Yoga
Yoga Retreats

A feel-good weekend dedicated to planting power, yoga, nature, community, and ultimate relaxation! It will help you to create deep connections with your own heart, as well as those around you.

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Welcome to
Moseholm Yoga
Yoga Retreats

A feel-good weekend dedicated to planting power, yoga, nature, community, and ultimate relaxation! It will help you to create deep connections with your own heart, as well as those around you.

Find a class

that suits you best.

Next Retreat coming up - June, 2nd-5th

Let’s celebrate the arrival of summer with a feel-good weekend dedicated to planting power, yoga, nature, community, and ultimate relaxation!


Buy your ticket before April 1st and get free entry to Ofelia Yoga classes until June 1st.

Hi Everyone!

I am Lisbeth, welcome to Moseholm Yoga.

Here you will find all information about my yoga classes, indoor, outdoors, and online. Information about upcoming Yoga and Meditation events, plus everything about our Yoga Retreats, in Denmark, Sicily, and around the world.

I believe that yoga is for everyone and I am happy YOU are here…

When I lead a yoga class, I hope to create a safe and comfortable space where everyone is welcome, no matter what is your experience with yoga or motivation to come. You just come as you are and move what you´ve got. Breathe deep, feel and respond to what you feel.

I will lead you…
Just come as you are.

Breathe deep…
Feel the magic


Special events

Sep 26th, 21.00-22.15 – Cosmic Yoga in Absalon


Oct 8th – Sunday Yoga at Absalon (9.30-10.45 – Fresh Flow, 11.00-12.15 – Chill Class)


Oct 12th, 20.00-21.30 – Yoga event in AYA House (event held in Danish)


Oct 29th – Sunday Yoga at Absalon (9.30-10.45 – Fresh Flow, 11.00-12.15 – Chill Class)

What Moseholm Yoga offers you

Classes schedule

Ofelia Classes season ends on October 1st

…but stay tuned for special winter events! 

Absalon classes follow our regular schedule.

September 2023

Late Night Yoga – Cosmic Yoga at Absalon
9:00 pm - 10:15 pm
Join us when we once again transform our main hall in Absalon into one big cosmic yoga studio. Our own yogi Lisbeth Moseholm lead us through a smooth yoga flow to the sound of cosmic sound waves. This yoga event is beyond any yoga event you have ever tried. With unique music and graphics special for the occasion we wil , ...
Oldies but Goldies – Yoga at Absalon
10:30 am - 11:45 am
Oldies but Goldies yoga is for you – with silver splashes in your hair and youg at heart. We focus on stretching, strength exercises and breathing techniques. Everyone is welcome and you can join, even though the last time you practiced yoga was in India in 1971. Buy your ticket at Absalon’s website – , ...
Yoga with Baby – Yoga at Absalon
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
An hour that you can dedicate to your body and your baby. We do relaxing stretches, strengthening exercises, and positions that ease the nervous system. There will be a combination of calm and dynamic elements in the class. It will surely be pampering for your body and playful for your baby. Buy your ticket at Absalon& , ...
Ofelia Open Air Yoga
7:00 am - 8:00 am
Wake up with yoga and get a magical start of your day! Enjoy an early morning Stråla Yoga flow at the beautiful Ofelia Plads in the heart of Copenhagen city. Surrounded by water and with the view of The Opera House and Amalienborg castle. Buy your ticket: single class – DKK150 3 times entry – DKK350 5 time , ...
Stråla Yoga in English – Yoga at Absalon
9:00 am - 10:15 am
The class is taught in English…og du er lige så velkommen hvis du også taler dansk 😉 Stråla stands for strength, awareness, and balancing, and means ‘to shine’ in Swedish. In Stråla Yoga we focus more on the process than the final postures. We move with our breath in a constant flow. Buy your ticket at Absalon’s , ...

Classes schedule

Video journal from a previous retreat in Samsø

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Lisbeth guides yoga professionally

I use Strala Yoga as a supplement to my road bike training. With Strala yoga, I increase my core strength, optimize my breathing and the yoga stretching optimizes my recovery and well-being. Lisbeth guides yoga professionally with her presence and open, positive mind. I can recommend her to everyone who as I want to optimize their physical form and their general well-being.

Jesper Peter Rasmussen

Director, Copenhagen Gestalt Institute and Stress Ambassador

My body and mind feel great after each class

I’m a new beginner to yoga so you can imagine I was a little nervous at my first class but Lisbeth was so patient and flexible with how she teaches each session I felt right at home. Now after only 5 sessions I feel more confident in my abilities to try new stretches and even better, my body and mind feel great after each class.

David Kodiak Granskog


Lisbeth is a true yogi

I have followed Lisbeth in different types of yoga; from the sweaty Bikram to the flow in Strala yoga – she is one of the best teachers I’ve experienced! To me, Lisbeth masters the yoga spirit through a great combination of intense postures and soft meditation – Lisbeth is a true yogi 🙂

Stephanie Skaustrup

Playing with numbers, ships and containers

Move forward by doing what feels best in your body

When I first started Lisbeth’s class I had been casually doing yoga on and off for a few years but had never been that committed. Yoga with Lisbeth changed all that! Lisbeth has a really calming and encouraging approach from which I have felt able to try new things (I previously wouldn’t have dared to do) – as a result I can see how I have progressed in terms of strength and flexibility. Lisbeth chooses great playlists for her dynamic routines, and this combination leaves me feeling both soothed and energized for the day ahead. She is always available at the end of the class for any questions you might have, and her personable approach allows you to move forward by doing what feels best in your body. Going to Lisbeth’s classes have helped me feel more at home in this new city and more at ease both in my body and mind!

Natalie Collins

Campaigns Coordinator

If you are looking for an excellent teacher, look no further

I had never been overly interested in yoga, until I moved to Copenhagen and joined Hot Yoga Studio Vesterbro, and that’s when I met Lisbeth.
She was the first one to welcome me, and the last one to give me the warmest goodbye hug, when I left Copenhagen again.

From the day I started in this studio, I felt motivated to come back as often as I possibly could, as the staff there gave me an amazing experience every single time. Lisbeth is not only a fantastic yoga teacher, with the most calming energy and sweetest voice you can imagine, but she is also an incredible person, with compassion and patience for all of her students. She is one of these gentle people who will make you feel special and taken care of, and it is just pleasant being around her. So if you are looking for an excellent yoga teacher, who can also tell you many inspiring things about life and travelling, look no further 🙂

Bonnie Sørensen


The best supplement to my running

Sträla yoga har været helt fantastisk at kombinere med min løbetræning. Det løsner kroppen op og jeg er gået fra hver yogatime med ny og god energi.

Marianne Hahn Hansen

Occupational therapist

Best gift to myself every week

Lisbeth´s yoga classes are so mindful and meditative, that often I wish they were longer. Her soothing voice, calm demeanor and dynamic (do-as-you-please) instructions are exactly what I need to free myself from all the thoughts and control I keep during work hours. Her Monday evening yoga classes at Physioga are the best gift I can give to myself each week.

Angie Lin

Communications officer